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15 Satisfying Visual ASMR Videos That Will Straight-Up Calm Your Brain

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If you haven't heard about it already, ASMR is the new wave in relaxation.

There's an endless range of satisfying audio and visual stimulants that can trigger the tingling sensations and contribute to an overall relaxing effect.

1. You may be calmed by the slow, graceful movements of paints being mixed together.

2. Or find that pristine cuts into perfectly molded sand are more your speed.

3. It could even be the satisfying folds of colorful, light-as-a-feather cloud slime...

4. ...and the crackly crunch of a heavier slime.

5. There's also the sheer bliss from the sounds of chalky soap shaving.

6. And the visually pleasing way that this airy sand gives way at the slightest pressure.

7. Tingles can even be triggered by the seamless slices into a glittery bar of soap.

8. Watching a cosmic-colored cloud grow in a bowl might be where you feel that sublime zen.

9. For some, sweet relaxation can be found in the pulls and tugs of pastel slime getting folded like taffy.

10. Your brain might even feel a bit mushy after watching watching frozen paints getting chopped up.

11. Listening to the sounds of sand grains squeezing through kitchen tools might be your form of self-care.

12. And the whispery grate of a knife cutting through a bar of dry, crumbly soap is like a symphony for the senses.

13. The satisfying pops of someone poking their way through dreamy, doughy slime can send shivers down your spine.

14. And who knew that stress could fade away by watching perfectly rolled soap curls crunched to shreds?

15. Or you might realize something as simple as a circular scoop into sand makes your brain go "whoa, baby."

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