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11 Cakes That Prove You Should Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

Candy inside of a cake? Super surprising! What's not surprising? How much money you could save by switching to GEICO.

1. This cake that's a party on the outside...but an even BIGGER party on the inside.

2. This cake that shows you luck can be found in the strangest of places.

3. This cake that shows the heart will always surprise you.

4. This cake that shows you rainy days bring out beautiful rainbows...

5. This cake that will make some bunny real hoppy!

6. These cake bites that remind you that even a little surprise is a good surprise.

7. This cake that knows muddies are the best buddies.

8. This cake that has layers and layers of surprises!

The fun never stops!

9. This bubble cake with adorably secret polka dots!

10. This cake that proves you never know where you'll meet a true patriot.

11. And this cake that proves it's truly the inside that counts!

It's not surprising that these cakes are delicious! You might be surprised by swimming with Marco Polo though...

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