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16 Budget-Friendly Ways To Get Yourself Home For The Holidays

Save money this holiday season with these useful travel tips! Just like you could save 15% or more with GEICO.

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1. If you're going to fly, try flying on a Tuesday or Wednesday to save money on airfare.


The cheapest flights are usually found on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Try not to fly on the weekend if you can avoid it — it could really pay off!

2. Follow travel companies online so you can be the first to know about sales and promotions.


Airlines, as well as train and bus companies, will often have short promotions at great prices. Be the first in the know so you can snag those tickets up before they run out.

3. Give yourself flexible travel dates, if you can.

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Flights are often overbooked during the holidays. You may be asked if you want to give up your seat in exchange for a travel voucher of some kind. If your dates are flexible, you can take the voucher and reimburse your whole trip -- maybe even with a little bonus travel money for next time!

4. Clear your internet history while searching for flights.

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Airlines sometimes hike the price of a flight after seeing what you're looking for. Clear your internet history after every search so you can actually see the cheapest flights available.

5. Pack all your meals and snacks in advance.

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Whether your journey is a long or short one, eating on the road can really cut into your travel budget. Save money by packing all your meals and snacks in advance! (Pro tip: For the hardcore money saver, buy a jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread to last you the whole trip!)

6. Book trips with multiple layovers.


Whether traveling by plane, train, or bus, layovers can sometimes be the difference between an expensive ticket and an affordable one. Embrace the layover! Make an adventure out of it.

8. Use multiple modes of transportation in one trip.


Get creative with your itinerary. Switching between modes of transportation -- plane, bus, ride-share, etc. -- may create the perfect cocktail of travel savings.

9. Only pack one bag.


Travel with one compact carry-on, along with your usual purse or backpack. It'll make you a much more flexible traveler, able to take public transportation, walk when necessary, or cram yourself into an already packed ride-share. (Not to mention saving on baggage costs if you're flying!)

10. Sign up for rewards programs.


Travel points add up, and rewards programs often have promotions you might not usually hear about. Find out if the company you're traveling with has a rewards program before you book your ticket.

13. Search for ride-shares, even if they won't get you as far as your destination.


Ride-shares are a great way to split the cost of travel amongst multiple people. Even if it only gets you partway to your destination, look into ride-shares to see how they'll cut down your travel costs.

14. Coordinate travel with family and friends. #roadbuddies


Chances are you're not the only one who's heading home for the holidays. Let your friends and family know what your dates are in advance -- you might find some travel buddies who can split the cost of travel with you. Network, baby, network!

15. Learn to be able to sleep anywhere. / Via

Traveling at night can feel like a hassle, but it also means the prices are often cheaper! If you embrace traveling at night, you'll open yourself up to a whole world of savings opportunities.

16. Change the "official" holiday to an earlier or later date.


Prices dip dramatically if you're traveling on the holiday itself. Consider shifting your holiday by one day, and you could save a substantial amount of money. And, besides, if your entire family agrees to shifting the holiday over, you won't be the only one to save big!