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7 Boyz II Men GIFs To Send If You're Low-Key Annoyed

If you’re Boyz II Men, you make anything sound good! If you want to save money on car insurance, you switch to GEICO. It’s what you do.

Things driving you nuts? Let Boyz II Men tell it like it is and soothe your irritated soul.

1. When someone floods your news feed with food pics and hashtags:

2. When your parents stalk you on social media because they don't understand that it's public:

3. When everyone's dating profile pic is a shirtless gym selfie:

4. When someone takes up the whole dance floor because they think they're an amazing dancer*:

5. When someone keeps bringing up their haircut so you'll give them a compliment:

6. When you have to fake your way through a really terrible meal:

7. When someone forgets your birthday even though you post on their wall every year for theirs:

Thank you, Boyz II Men. Your words have set us free.

All images courtesy of GEICO.

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