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12 Awards Teachers Don't Get But Definitely Deserve

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1. For personally getting to know every student, whether it’s a class of 4 or 34!

2. For showing an A+ effort in school spirit:

3. For working after hours and never complaining about it:

4. For always remembering that learning should be fun:

5. For being a super detective of sticky situations:

6. For continually having the patience of a saint:

7. For always being able to roll with the punches:

8. For powering through the semester without any major incidents:

9. For juggling 10 things at once and still keeping everything on schedule:

10. For keeping class orderly, even when chaos reigned:

11. For excelling in the very important task of positively influencing tomorrow’s leaders (for jobs that may not even exist yet!):

12. For making the most of your teacher budget (which sometimes was nonexistent):

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