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15 Things You’ll Need If You Plan To Be By The Water This Summer

Soon there will be longer days and more time for splish-splashing in the sun! Treat yourself to some cool new summer products with the money you could save by switching to GEICO.

1. A portable beach tent, so you can catch some rays (but also read).

2. And if you're catching up on your fav book as the waves crash on, why not have a beach towel to show it?

3. In addition to a towel, you'll also need a 7x7-foot nylon blanket so everyone can have a seat.

4. Stay safe with this super-light life vest that inflates via ripcord.

5. A floatable cooler is exactly what you need for your next kayaking trip.

6. Here's an extendable fishing pole that's the size of a pen.

7. While catching rays, don't forget the sun screen! This rollable sunblock is a super-easy way to apply SPF.

8. Here are some socks for your boat shoes, because you know they can get...a bit smelly.

9. Because your phone definitely isn't waterproof, you'll definitely want this phone case that FLOATS.

10. This portable speaker that's "lighter than a can of soda" is also totally waterproof.

11. Serve a game of volleyball with this delicious looking watermelon inflatable.

12. Settle a score with this water tic-tac-toe game.

13. Stay shady inside the pool with this floating umbrella buoy.

14. Speaking of your best mer-self with this clamshell throne.

15. Or keep it classic with the iconic swan float.

Have fun in the sun and enjoy the water! And while you’re at it, cruise on over to GEICO to check out their rates on boat insurance too.

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