22 Awesome Things That Are Better Together

Why would you only have one good thing when you could have two? That’s why people love GEICO. It’s a combination of great savings and delightful service, all in one! Prepare yourself for more awesome combinations right here.

1. Shark + Oven Mitt

Steve Garner

Flickr: 22032337@N02


Flickr: psharpley

Fred Flare / Via fredflare.com

So you can live every week like it’s Shark Week!

2. Electrical Outlet + USB Socket

Think Geek / Via thinkgeek.com

This should be standard EVERYWHERE.

3. Bubble Wrap + Calendar

Steven Depolo

Flickr: stevendepolo

Derek Hatfield

Flickr: loimere

Bubble Calendar / Via bubblecalendar.com

Each little pop is much more satisfying because you have to wait a day to do it!

4. Glow In The Dark Material + Toilet Paper

Gadgets And Gear / Via gadgetsandgear.com

Who needs nightlights in the bathroom when you could have glowing toilet paper?

5. Birthday Cake + Dip

Will Clayton

Flickr: spool32

Chelsea Nesvig

Flickr: ozmafan


It’s like a Dunkaroo, but better. The serving size is much bigger.

6. Cinnamon Rolls + Waffles


Cut up a freezer roll and stick it in your waffle iron! It works. And it’s delicious.

7. Pizza + Taco


The marriage of your favorite fast food items.

8. Pizza Cutter + Scooter

Joshin Yamada

Flickr: oceanyamaha

Andreas Wieser

Flickr: andilicious

Amazon / Via amazon.com

It’s not playing with your food if it serves a purpose! (Tell that to your mom.)

9. Drinking Straw + Glasses

elisabet ottosson

Flickr: lisafisa


10. Corgi + Husky

Mr. T in DC

Flickr: mr_t_in_dc

shannon simbulan

Flickr: 40603286@N05


Cute dog + Cute dog = SUPER CUTE DOG.

11. Cat + Burrito

Melissa Wiese

Flickr: 42dreams

Jesse Newland

Flickr: jnewland


A purrito. You know you want one.

And Here’s Seafood + Great Tech Service

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