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16 Ways To Make The Best Of Any Situation

When life gives you lemons, you say, "HAHA, YEAH RIGHT. I'M AWESOME!" And GEICO knows you are too. So let's make some lemonade, because your life deserves to be as delightful as GEICO’s customer service!

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1. Your wheelchair is an asset.

frankbenvenuto / Via

2. It's probably the best prop you can have for Halloween.

nikkistricklerrrr / Via

3. Seriously. You're going to be the coolest person there.

Tostie14 / Via Flickr: tostie14

4. Who cares if it's hot. You're gonna find a way to cool off.

swanksalot / Via Flickr: swanksalot

5. Who cares if you don't have a pool.

sweeeeetaayy / Via

6. You can easily turn a bad review of your restaurant around.

luxuryprgal / Via

7. You can turn an OK rating into something great!

8. You're not going to let a small bed get you down.

sparxpyro / Via

9. Or a cast, or a cone.

10. You can turn any situation around.

mahara22 / Via

11. You still have a sense of humor in the worst of situations!

(Pictures $10. Put in mailbox.)
Sue Dzwil Reardon / Via

(Pictures $10. Put in mailbox.)

12. There's always a solution to the worst of your problems.

Wylde Sydes Tattoo & Body Piercing / Via

13. When life gives you a flood, you take it with stride.

Andrew / Via

14. No backpack? No problem!

daniel_lehmkuhl / Via

15. You know how to use what you've got.

trevvymead / Via

16. Nothing can stop you!

Ramoncito Campo / Reuters

Just like nothing can stop Dikembe Mutombo.

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