14 Reasons You Should Want To Live On This Planet

This post will restore your faith in humanity, or at the very least, give you delight! And that warm, fuzzy feeling is exactly what GEICO customer service wants to give to you.

1. Because there are people who want to do good in the world.

worldo3 / Via instagram.com

2. Because dreams do come true.

Chris O’Meara / AP

After Alayna Adams threw out the first pitch in the Tampa Bay Rays-Boston Red Sox game, her father, Lt. Col. Will Adams, gave her a surprise visit after being deployed overseas in Afghanistan for the past two years.

3. Yes. Dreams do come true.

James Groccia was saving to get a special LEGO train set, but by the time he had enough money, the set was discontinued. After James sent a heartfelt letter, LEGO sent him a brand new set! Amazing.

4. Because things like this happen.

haarleeyy / Via instagram.com

A $100 tip for a $7.03 meal.

5. Because good Samaritans can be found everywhere.

conniec / Via instagram.com

6. Helping you when you need it the most.

pascale0406 / Via instagram.com

7. Because someone is always there to lend a hand (or two)!

8. Because there's a lot of compassion out in this world!

katja_bak / Via instagram.com

9. Because it's the little things that can make a person's day.

levematt / Via instagram.com

10. Because a football player can be more than just a football player.

ajohnson1500 / Via instagram.com

Houston Texan’s receiver Andre Johnson spent $19,000 on Christmas gifts for kids in child protective services.

11. When times are rough, there's always a bright side.

Olin Lagon / Via twitpic.com

12. Because people are generous when you least expect it.

13. Because help is available when you need it.

unruly chaffinch / Via Flickr: jonstace

14. And of course, because interspecies animal friendships exist.


Comedy Central - Futurama / Via knowyourmeme.com

Because love makes everything delightful.

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