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14 Reasons Why 2014 Is Gonna Be Awesome

2014 is the year of awesome. Why? Because it starts on a HUMP DAY! We hope your new year is as delightful as GEICO customer service.

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1. You're gonna try and cook at least ONCE a week instead of getting delivery every night.

2. You're gonna read the book BEFORE the movie comes out.

3. You're gonna practice playing an instrument every day!

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Yes, the kazoo counts. So does GarageBand.

4. You're gonna be beautiful!


That's because there will be a commercial cure for baldness available in 2014!

5. You're gonna be more adventurous in your dining choices.

So Sriracha and mac 'n' cheese isn't revolutionary, but how about some Sriracha chocolate? Or some honey wasabi?

6. You're gonna remember to floss your teeth!


You'll remember! Actually following through? Well, that's another story...

7. You're finally gonna make that personal website you've always wanted. / Via

Just in time for HTML 5 to be finished!

8. You're gonna make new friends. (On the internet or IRL.)

9. You're gonna finally tell your crush you like them.


It just might take a couple times.

10. You're gonna get more exercise by taking the stairs.


Especially when the elevator is broken. That motivates you a lot.

11. You're gonna keep up with current events.


Yes. You're gonna get cultured. So what if you get your news off the internet?!

12. You're not gonna wait until the last minute to do your laundry. / Via

You'll have at least two pairs of clean underwear instead of the very last pair.

13. You're gonna talk to your mom more.


Texting counts! Writing on her Facebook wall is OK too.

14. You're gonna try and learn a new language. (Even if it's Pig Latin.)

And finally, the best reason of all... you're gonna celebrate New Year's Day on a HUMP DAY!


Celebrate #HumpDay2014 by sharing your Hump Day memories.

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