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14 Products For Beginner Runners To Keep You Motivated

Starting a new fitness regimen can be tough, but switching to GEICO is easy. Find out how much you could save on your car insurance.

1. Show off your style with a new band for your fitness tracker.


Track your progress in epic fashion.

2. Stay on goal with the Fitlosophy Fitbook.


The key to committing to a workout regimen is tracking your goals. The Fitbook makes it easy with designated areas for keeping track of your workouts and progress.

3. Sip in style with this cool water bottle.

This water bottle totally gets your work hard, play hard ethos.

4. This belt waist pack will hold all your essentials.


Keep your hands free while running with this super-convenient waist pack.

5. An Audible subscription will keep you entertained.

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Listening to your favorite book will keep your mind off how much you want to sit down.

6. Get Lock Laces so you never have to stop and tie your shoes again.


What's worse than having your shoes come untied mid-run? With Lock Laces, you'll never have to worry about tripping.

7. These cute sneaker deodorizers are here to save the day.


You should be focusing on where your feet can take you, not how they smell!

8. Say goodbye to leg pain with these fun compression socks.


If you've got ankle or leg pain, these awesome compression socks are the perfect solution. Plus, they come in fantastic prints like donut, taco, and pizza to remind you why you are out here running in the first place!

9. Keep every hair in place with a cute and comfy headband.


Get your run on while remaining your super-stylish self.

10. Keep the girls in check with a stylish, no-nonsense sports bra.


Show the girls who's really in charge here with a cute and functional sports bra.

11. This bluetooth hat is sure to make all the other runners in the park jealous.


Bump your pump-up playlist and look super cool while doing it.

12. Track your progress with the Lumo Run Virtual Running Coach.


This awesome device is sure to take you from doing laps around the track to running a marathon in no time.

13. Tell it like it is with a playful tank.


If honesty is your best policy, this tank has your name all over it.

14. Then roll it out with this foam roller so you're ready for your next run!


Your muscles are going to need some help. Pick up a super-useful foam roller to massage out the tough spots and get yourself back in fighting shape.

Now that you're ready to hit the ground running, run (don't walk) to find out if you could save 15% or more on car insurance.