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10 Things You Should Know Now That You're A Grown-Up

There are even more delightful things to know about nursery rhymes now that you're old enough. Knowledge is as delightful as GEICO customer service!

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3. Mozart wrote 12 variations of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

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A popular rumor says that he composed it when he was only five years old, but that's not true. However he did write several Mozart-a-fied variations on the classic children's theme, and you can hear them all!

9. It's often speculated that "Little Miss Muffet" might have been written by Dr. Thomas Muffet, who wrote the first scientific catalog of British insects.


Some argue the rhyme concerns his stepdaughter, Patience -- and the verse fits with this theory. However there is no clear evidence to prove it.

Did you know that Old MacDonald was a terrible speller?

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