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"The Legend Of Ice Cream Drive" Character Quiz! You Won't Believe Question Three!

Inspired from the breathtaking trailer, "The Legend of the Ice Cream Drive!" Through a series of survival question, discover which character you would survive as.

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  1. You are home alone and hear a loud noise. What do you do?
    Grab the bat and go check around your house for the loud noise
    Call the police
    Close the blinds and ignore it
    Continue watching your television show
    Go inside your room and lock yourself in it
  2. Your phone is ringing. When you answer, all you hear is heavy breathing. What do you do?
    Hang up
    Try to figure out who it is through caller ID
    “Hello, why did you call me?”
    Ask the caller if they have asthma or something “Did you take your inhaler?”
    Imitate the heavy breathing
  3. You feel like going for a midnight stroll. Which of these paths do you choose?
    Well lit path
    The cemetery
    Take the shortcut through the woods
    You follow the path along your neighborhood
    Depends, which way is to the nearest McDonalds?
  4. While on a walk, you suspect someone is following you. What do you do?
    Call for help
    Ignore it
    Look for a nearby store to hide in (and maybe get a snack)
    Confront them
    Run in zig zags to confuse them
  5. If you were dared to spend a night in a haunted house with a friend, would you do it?
    Shrug and go with - you don’t really care
    Protest, but eventually agree as long as the entire friend group comes too
    Agree, only if they supply the snacks
    Be confused - that’s where you live
    You’ll be the one to tell the scary stories
  6. The killer has you cornered in the kitchen. On the table, you see a few household objects that you could use as a weapon. Which of the following do you grab to defend yourself?
    A fork
    A butcher knife
    A pair of scissors
    You fight with your hands
    Throw a bag of salt
  7. Oh, no! The killer has just burst into the house. Where do you run?
    Kitchen for weapons
    Under your bed
    Tell him off - how dare he just come unannounced? The house is a mess
    Run? No, I’m gonna fight him
    Sneak out through the backdoor
  8. The killer is chasing your friends, but you're safely hidden in the closet. What do you do?
    Call for help
    Grab a weapon and help your friends - I can’t just sit there!
    Stay hidden
    I don’t have friends
    Quietly munch on your snacks - gotta energy up for a chase in case he finds you
  9. You've got your back against a door, and you're pretty sure the killer is on the other side. What do you do?

    Flickr: kennethhedegaard
    Keep your weight on the door
    Start piling furniture against the door
    Run to your phone to call the police
    Get off the door - it’s rude not to let guests in
    Lock the door and run
  10. You are camping with friends and suddenly you hear rustling in a nearby bush. What do you do?
    Get a stick and investigate
    Freak out and keep close to your friend
    Ignore it and go to sleep - it’s probably just some woodland animal
    Call out to it - it might be a ghostly friend!
    Continue making your s’more - you're hungry
  11. You would describe your fighting style as…
    Wild and Spontaneous - keep the opponent guessing
    Careful and Calculated, never striking first
    Never really fought before, but aim for the balls
    Always swing first
    Tackle - I’m confident in my body
  12. It is Halloween night and your friends decide it's the perfect night for a seance. What do you do?
    Grab the Ouija board from under your pillow - you’ve been ready for this moment
    Go along with your friends
    Volunteer to say the first chant
    Think the idea is stupid but whatever
    Insist on playing in the kitchen for easy access to the fridge
  13. What ice cream flavor best describes your personality?
    Mint Chocolate Chip - cool, calm, and collected
    Strawberry - sweet and playful
    Vanilla - quiet and understated
    Spumoni - complex and different
    What matters is quantity, not quality

"The Legend Of Ice Cream Drive" Character Quiz! You Won't Believe Question Three!

You got: Jessica

You are flashy, playful, and high-maintenance when it comes to your appearance. You are a free-spirit and the stereotypical ditz but lowkey smart.

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You got: Andrew

You tend to be the quiet and observant one - the typical introvert. You avoid difficult situations and you don't often take sides in arguments within the group.

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You got: Josh

You are headstrong and typically the leader of your group. You're not afraid of anything that comes your way but might make rash decisions in the process.

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You got: Jake

You are the funny and goofy member of your group. Despite your love of food, you do care deeply about your friends.

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You got: Zoe

You are the mysterious member of the group and it may be a common occurrence that you feel either sick or lethargic.

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