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6 Trending Kickstarters For Father’s Day

No more vegan leather jackets or gold plated razors, pls! Gift smart tech & gadgets dad will actually use.

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In case you haven't seen, Father’s Day is coming up June 18th! I know, you know, and even mom knows, that the internet’s awash with ‘best gifts for the [insert type here] dad’ listicles, but...

... even Cosmo and Forbes fail to bring new, innovative ideas to the pool. We looked where they don't dare: Kickstarter. So yea, dad could be fashionable with the latest vegan leather jacket, but ¿what’s ‘vegan leather’ even? Gift dad something useful, something innovative, something... ACTUALLY unique. We’ve curated the top 6 current Kickstarter campaigns from biker dads to board game dads (because let’s face it, one size does NOT fit all). Hurry tho; these campaigns are ending soon!

1. For the dad on-the-go: Ahead ($99)


For the dad on-the-go, make any helmet ‘smart’. No matter what bike your dad rides, let it be done safely first, then make it more fun! Compatible with any helmet, Ahead allows phone calls, music, and even voice activation for when they’re riding (with or without handlebars).

Ends July 4, 2017

2. For the no-fuss dad: KITMANA ($25)


For the no-fuss dad, a convertible and customized wallet. Kitmana creators strived to create the ultimate wallet: a clear ID holder, pockets for all passport sizes and any travel documents, coin pocket, even a pen holder and more. This leather companion is sure to be a winner!

Ends June 30, 2017

3. For the party leader: Zombicide: Green Horde ($120)


For the king of board games, medieval fantasy meets zombies in this cooperative game for 1 to 6 players. Completely compatible with Zombicide: Black Plague AND a standalone masterpiece, Zombicide has created a cult following by melding fantasy with strategy. The goal is to control a party of medieval fantasy survivors on a land of zombie orcs. The brand new characters, skills, and exclusive game pieces makes this present the ultimate game night trophy.

Ends June 28, 2017

4. For the picture-perfect dad: Foldio3 ($109)

OrangeMonkie / Via

For the picture-perfect dad, a portable photo studio. Following their huge success with previous Foldio models, the Foldio3 is the largest so far; and for the better. With the new 25-inch diameter and folding design, the Foldio3 is still setup in just 10 seconds. The same LED and backdrop technology means that quality hasn’t been compromised: let dad photograph his new kicks, figurines, anything easily.

Ends July 14, 2017

5. For the creative dad: Bean 3D Printer ($399)

Kudo3D / Via

For the creative dad, a compact 3D printer. One of the biggest advancements in science and engineering, 3D printing is all the rage: from figurines to concrete, there’s a wide range of uses. The Bean weighs only 15 pounds, consumes one of the lowest average watts of all 3D printers currently available (50W), and still prints at 50 micron XY resolution (for the non-tech-savvy, that’s really detailed!). Controlled and monitored by mobile devices, this is one gadget that will always steal the show.

Ends July 19, 2017

6. For the note-worthy dad: GoDuo Speakers ($79)

KNZ Technology / Via

For the dad with jams and high (read 'low') notes, the best speakers ever have arrived! AUX cord or nah, with Bluetooth capabilities and studio-quality sound, these weatherproof speakers can be used together or separately. Magnets mean never losing either speaker and never compromising on location (stick it to the fridge to sing and cook or to the car for road trip belting). Perfect for any location and any situation, GoDuo's the new IT sound system.

Ends June 23, 2017

If none of these fit what your dad wants, at least you know there are more than razors and leather loafers to gift! Browse around and, no matter what, your dad will still love you *probably*.

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