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    5 Of The Most Relaxing Video Games For When You Just Need To Unwind

    Sometimes you just need chill and relaxing games to unwind. Side note: To prevent this list from being just farming simulators, each of the five games fall into different genres.

    5. Spiritfarer

    A boat on water with the title "Spiritfarer" above it on a poster

    4. Pokémon Sword and Shield

    A blue dog holding a sword, and a red dog with a shield for a head.

    3. Minecraft (Peaceful and/or Creative modes)

    poster for minecraft, which is an animated mountain made up of cubes, grass, and square-shaped figures

    2. Webkinz

    A blue jay, canary, lion, yellow thing with face [Wacky Zingoz], blue bear with buttons, stegosaurus with multicolored spikes, golden retriever, pink and purple racoon, walrus, and tyrannosaurus rex.

    1. And Stardew Valley

    A mountain view with the wooden letters "Stardew Valley".

    There you have it! Is there a relaxing game I missed? Feel I ordered them wrong? If so, feel free to leave a comment below!