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Summer Smartphone Disasters: 8 Things NOT To Do This Vacation

Over at Gazelle, we did some research and discovered summer is the most common time for people to break their phones. Memorial Day is here, so heed these warnings as the weather warms up!

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1. “Lifeproof” Case + Vegas Pool + Bachelorette Party ≠ Working Phone

2. Bathing Suits + Phones + Dance Competition = Broken

3. Girlfriend + Lazy + “Girl throw” over Campfire = Burnt Phone

4. Important Instagrams from Beach + Sand + Drop = T.K.O. for phone

5. Zoo + Cute Nephew + Crocodiles = Eaten Phone

6. Roller Coaster + Loose Pockets = Dropped Phone

7. Bros + Oceans + Krumping = Soggy Phone

8. Summer Dramz = Dead Phones

Just because the summer gets hot doesn’t mean you have to lose your cool.

But if you do, can help take that broken brick off your hands. We’ll even pay you for it.