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My Mother Says: Mind Your Mobile Manners

We love our moms. They’re full of all sorts of advice we don’t follow (... only to realize they were right). In honor of Mother’s Day, Gazelle envisioned what our moms would say about all of the annoying habits of today’s youth with their cell phones:

The Sexter


“I stood in line at JCPenney the other day and this girl absolutely refused to get off the phone as she paid at the counter. I didn’t care for the provocative conversation she was having, either. Why do kids do that?”

The Not-so-stealth Gamer


“I swear, sometimes I’m running a meeting and everyone is pretending to write important emails on their phones. I know what Candy Crush is...”

The Ignorer


“There used to be a time when taking my son out to lunch was the only way I could get him to talk to me. Now, he seems to be bored with his audience, because he spends the entire lunch texting with his friends.”

The Brush-off Master


"I tried to ask for directions the other day and rather than telling me no, a man pretended to be on a conversation using his Bluetooth. I know he wasn’t and I felt so rejected.”

The Oversharer


“Why do kids think the entire subway wants to hear their conversation? And why do they have to yell into their phones when they have the most horrible things to say?”

The Disturber


“I’ll never understand why people think it’s acceptable to use their phones in the movie theater. Do they know how bright their screens are? If the movie isn’t entertaining enough, could they just leave and let me enjoy it?”

The Narcissist


“Whatever happened to asking strangers to take a group photo and to have everyone smile? I don’t get why you’d want to make your face look like a duck.”

For the sake of Mother's Day, do your mom a solid this weekend and put the phone down… or at least try to text discreetly.