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5 Things Your iPad Is Good For

When Steve Jobs unveiled the very first iPad, he must have been pretty psyched about all the possibilities a shiny gadget that’s not-quite-a-phone-but-not-a-computer-either opened up. Now, five ways iPads have enhanced society as we know it so far...

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1. Enriching contributions to the arts, specifically photography.

... and yet, we are.

... and yet, we are.

2. Connecting various generations and nationalities.

3. Providing a boost to the economy.

Cases! Stands! Keyboards! Acupuncture for your aching back!

4. Helping to develop thinking and reasoning skills.

5. Furthering the domestication of animals.

Alright, alright. Maybe ‘enhancing society’ is a bit much, but with a new iPad hitting the shelves soon, just think about what a thinner, more powerful iPad could do for you. Sell your old iPad to Gazelle to get the new one. You’ll be on your way to helping us achieve world peace... or something like it.