10 Olympic Athletes You Need To Follow In Sochi

The Olympics officially start Friday, and we want to make sure that you’re kept up to date with all the latest happenings. It’s not only about medal counts, ya know? Athletes are people too. And they’re ever so graciously sharing their lives to the world via the Interwebs. Check it out:

1. Lolo Jones

What, you’re not good enough to go to the Olympics in two separate sports? FOR SHAME.

2. Bobby Brown


3. Shaun White

Top reason why Shaun White’s Instagram is a must read: he’s getting trolled hardcore for dropping out of slopestyle. Team USA has no plans to fill his spot and a couple of Team Canada’s top riders, including Max Parrot, called him out on his decision.

4. The Bokko Siblings

You may not always be able to read speed skaters Havard or Hege’s posts without Google Translate (they’re Norwegian), but their in-the-action shots can bridge any language barrier.

5. Kate Hansen

Any person who claims to know all of Beyonce’s choreography deserves a follow. In her spare time, Kate rides the luge (it’s a sled) for Team USA.

6. Mark McMorris

Anyone who has McRib as a nickname gets an immediate “Like.”

7. Sarah Hendrickson

Look closely — the face she makes when ski jumping is almost the same as her selfies. NBD though, the 19 year-old is setting ski jump records after reconstructive knee surgery.

8. Torstein Horgmo

Torstein Horgmo is the first slopestyle casualty, snapping his c-bone (collar bone) in practice. He’s not competing anymore, but he’s still chillin in Sochi.

9. Patrick Kane

Sure, he’s got some on-the-ice skills, but Patrick’s take on the Beach Boys off the ice is what we’re most into.

In all reality, some of these athletes will have broken dreams when Sochi is all said and done. But that doesn’t mean we love them any less. Gazelle feels the same way about broken smartphones. If you’re stuck with a broken phone, trade it into us for cash (it’ll help pay for your extra data charges from stalking all these athletes).

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