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CHAPLÍN Is Going To Be Your New Favorite Hangout Place In Makati

Read more to find out why this brunch place is slowly becoming a favorite hangout spot for the yuppies in Makati.

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Instagram: @chaplin_ph

Chaplín is a nice brunch place during the day that becomes a drinking hub at night. It is the perfect place to chill, drink coffee, hang out, eat delicious food, or work on your computer – because they have electricity outlets every foot away. At night, you can enjoy their Happy Hour that starts anytime.

Instagram: @chaplin_ph

The feel of the place is clean and classy with a subtle charm. The natural light coming in creates a homey ambiance that goes perfectly with their all-day breakfast menu.

Instagram: @chaplin_ph

Chaplín offers a Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern all-day breakfast menu that will awaken your senses. They also have vegan-friendly dishes that even non-vegans love. Try their Eggs Benedict on Waffles – runny egg yolks and Canadian bacon on waffles topped with Hollandaise sauce, and Eggplant Melanzane – a filling of onions, tomatoes and mild peppers encased in strips of grilled eggplant.

Instagram: @chaplin_ph

Besides the all-day breakfast menu, Chaplín also boasts of their Chaplín Burger and Chaplín Pizza. These signature dishes are slowly becoming a crowd favorite because both are oozing with a variety of flavors.

The Chaplín Burger is made of an all beef premium patty, mozzarella, bacon, caramelized onions, mushrooms, topped with BBQ sauce with Cajun spiced wedges on the side.

Instagram: @chaplin_ph

The Chaplin Pizza is a combination of Shakshouka sauce, pesto and mozarella topped with eggs. The light and crunchy crust complements the wonderful taste and aroma of the toppings and sauce.

So next time you’re in Makati and you’re looking for a place to stay and waste time, then head on to Chaplín. Don’t forget that you can book this restaurant through our BigDish app or website and get up to 30% restaurant discounts on your bill.

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