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POPETY Re-Defining Real Estate, As It Should Be

Singapore, 26th Sept 2016 --- The real estate industry in Singapore is an incredibly fragmented one with many new property portals cannibalizing agent’s commissions whilst the major ones generate revenue mainly from listings. The million-dollar question awaits: Do they solve a real problem or are they just better versions of the previous one with a glossier user interface?

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After 20 years of limited change, transacting and maintaining properties is still an archaic system waiting to be revolutionized as we witness the consumerism of technology.

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If you’re looking to be considered and approved for a home mortgage there are a few must-knows and principals to keep in mind to maximize your chances. While there are of course the more seemingly obvious variables, such as your credit report, deposit and percentage put down, or income, it’s important you fully understand these dynamics and the mechanics that power them when a bank or lender considers your mortgage loan request.

In today’s world, sensible software is becoming the rule, not the exception.

Beneath the noise, Michael Chaille and his team has been silently working on POPETY for the past year, a platform based on an ambition to connect real people to real estate, resolving all pain points faced by major parties involved in a property transaction.

The POPETY app is a true 360 property management app, it takes care of automating the full spectrum of services to its users namely Owners, Seekers, Tenants and Agents. This is done by first creating a defensible proprietary data of all registered Singapore dwellings, where seekers are no longer limited to listings online and most importantly, to filter online listings to avoid duplicates and disappointment. Similar to job seeking, the best opportunities in real estate rarely reach the public market. Their powerful search engine give seekers instant access to all properties in Singapore (whether it is or not available on the market)

To put it simply, it’s the digitisation and personalisation of each property in Singapore, homeowners can now claim ownership of their own home on POPETY, opening new doors to future sale and rental opportunities from verified home seekers.

The user experience on POPETY doesn’t end when a sale or rental completes, the platform complements discussions between landlord and tenant with easy tools to keep track of defects and issues, an effective way to better manage expectations between the two. With secured payment facilitated within the app, users can now receive quotations by reliable handymen and consider their re-financing options with mortgage advisors-- Redbrick and leading insurance company--AXA.

To complete the jigsaw, Michael created POPETY PRO to help real estate agents become more efficient with their time as they are always “mobile”. He understands their pain of paying for listings, and have launched an auction place for them to bid for “live” leads, prospects and properties. Orange Tee is the first agency on board to endorse POPETY PRO to their network of agents.

Showing their support with seed funding, Mediacorp has singled out POPETY as the catalysts to accelerate change within the local real estate market by 2020. The team and investors recognise POPETY’s incredible ability to scale and Michael has identified Singapore as the first country as the testing ground of this massive revolution and with good reason so, Singapore is becoming an increasingly technology-savvy nation and demand to access real-time information and efficiency is skyrocketing.

POPETY aims to leverage on technology to become the source of truth, simplifying real estate management to be as transparent and efficient as possible, as it should be.

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POPETY and POPETY PRO is now available to download (for iOS and Android) before it’s official launch. Homeowners can now “claim” their properties by simply keying in their postal codes. Agents may also download POPETY PRO and take advantage of their early bird incentives.

Driven by Passion, Purpose & Giving

After a decade of treatment, it took one more try before our founder gained hope, and his life back. When he and a friend committed to sobriety, they dreamed of opening a sober living home to provide the structure, safety, and support that helped them for others struggling in recovery. Their dream became a reality with the opening of our first home on Carla Vista Drive in Chandler, Arizona in 2007. The home became the perfect place for those striving to live a sober, healthy lifestyle to find a safe place to do so. When we kept receiving requests from treatment centers to expand, we knew that we were providing a service that people were benefiting from.

About Michael


A true visionary often sees what others cannot. Couple that with charisma and passion, Michael Chaille is one who believes in hardwork and putting words into actions. He has his eyes set on re-defining the real estate industry with technology, he does so by challenging conventional thinking and lays the framework of a solution to target the real problem, not just from one perspective but by addressing the whole spectrum with conviction. Michael inspires and engages people with his “big-picture” ambitions and positivity, there is no stopping the momentum he brings to every endeavour which results in attracting like-minded individuals who support and ensure the delivery and implementation of his ideas.

Michael has been in Singapore for 4 years, and is currently CEO at POPETY, a Singaporean venture in the real estate industry as well as Partner at CH&Co, a management consultancy that provides services Financial Institutions worldwide. He also sits on the Board of Directors for several other companies. Michael holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Information Technologies from HEC Lausanne and is Post-graduated from IDEHAP, IMD and INSEAD.

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