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    May 23, 2012

    Topless Activists Repeatedly Attempt To Steal Soccer Trophy [NSFW]

    That's so Femen. Ukrainian feminist organization Femen stage yet another semi-nude stunt that somehow, kinda, doesn't really have anything to do with protesting prostitution. This time it's not one, but two tries at stealing the Euro 2012 "football" trophy.

    Sergei Isayev / Reuters

    Activists of Ukrainian women's movement Femen attack the Euro 2012 tournament trophy during its display in Ukrainian city of Dnipropetrovsk on May 21, 2012. Along with tournament co-hosts Poland and Ukraine, European soccer's governing body has organized a five-week trophy tour in cities across the two countries.

    STR / Getty Images

    And Here's Femen's First Attempt To Snag The Trophy A Few Weeks Ago

    Gleb Garanich / Reuters

    Security guards rush to detain an activist from women's rights organization Femen as she attempts to steal the Euro 2012 trophy during its unveiling in Kiev, Ukraine, May 12, 2012. The activist was protesting against prostitution during the upcoming UEFA Euro 2012 soccer tournament. Kiev is set to host the final match of the Euro 2012 soccer tournament.

    SERGEI SUPINSKY / Getty Images
    SERGEI SUPINSKY / Getty Images