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The Hottest Baby Names Of 2011

Baby handle site Nameberry has released its annual list of names they predict will be affixed to the most birth certificates throughout the year. Virtually all of them are based on celebrities and other pop culture phenomena. Beware the impending Pippa Boom.

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  • GIRLS:

  • Pippa


    Image Source Her Royal Hot Sisterness came to international attention following the marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William. Now parents are naming their kids Philippa and Pippa in a fit of mass Pippasteria.

  • Elula


    Image Source A variation of Elul, the 12th month in the Hebrew calendar. Popularized when Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher named their child such. Above is what Elul looks like in Hebrew. You're supposed to blow a horn called a shofar every morning of Elul until Rosh Hoshanah. Knowledge.

  • Hadley


    Image Source The name of Ernest Hemmingway's first wife, subject of the best-selling novel "The Paris Wife." Hadley is also the name of Sookie's cousin on True Blood. So there's that.

  • Adele


    Image Source Everyone really, really likes this British soul singer. Alternates like Ada, Adeline, Adelaide and anything beginning with "Ad" are also surging. Hopefully some X-Men nerds will name their child Adamantium.

  • Luna


    Image Source Hot because David and Victoria Beckham were merely considering it for their daughter (they settled on Harper). Since Luna is a famous baby that never was, pictured is Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.

  • Mila


    (AP Photo/Mikhail Metzel) A Slavic name meaning "gracious" or "dear," Mila is killing it right now thanks to everyone's favorite Natalie Portman tonsil hockey partner.

  • BOYS:

  • Everett


    Image Source The male version of last years hottest names for girls, Eva and Evelyn. Pictured is Edward Everett, noted Whig and orator, for no good reason.

  • Asher


    Image Source In Hebrew, this Biblical name means "happy blessing." In novelty hip-hop it means "one hit wonder."

  • Arlo


    Image Source Since Arlo Guthrie hasn't been relevant in about 40 years, no one knows exactly why this is trending. Fun fact: "arlo" means "barberry tree" in Spanish.

  • Flynn


    Image Source This is what Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr have named their son. It's derived from the Gaelic term for "reddish" or "ruddy." This picture is of Errol Flynn, because he is handsome.

  • Archer


    Image Source It's speculated that Archer is hot right now because it has a literary air about it, what with characters in "Portrait of a Lady" and "Age of Innocence" sharing the name. But we all know it's really because Archer is one of the best shows on TV.