The 10 Most Unpopular People In America

Reuters and Ipsos released the polling equivalent of a high school cafeteria seating chart and announced the 10 Least Liked Celebrities in the United States. This is a different poll than the 10 Most Hated People In America.

10. Lebron James

(Joe Skipper / Reuters)

9. Donald Trump

(Joshua Roberts / Reuters)

8. Mel Gibson

(Lucy Nicholson / Reuters)

7. Kim Kardashian

(Paul Hackett / Reuters)

6. Tiger Woods

(Matt Sullivan / Reuters)

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger

(Heinz-Peter Bader / Reuters)

4. Kanye West

(Mike Blake / Reuters)

3. Britney Spears

(Stephen Lam / Reuters)

2. Charlie Sheen

(Rick Wilking / Reuters)

1. Paris Hilton

(Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

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