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Oscars Party Food Ideas

Last minute, Best Picture-themed suggestions for your Oscars Party spread. Don’t just serve James Franco-American SpaghettiOs or Black Swanson TV dinners, make your guests some fancy 127 Hours d'oeuvres! Winter’s Bone appetit! Ugh. Suggest your own awful food-related-Academy-Awards-puns in the comments!

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  • True Grits

  • The Wing's Speech

  • Danny Boyled Eggs

  • Corn on the Cobb

  • Winter's Bone-in Ham

  • Natalie Porkman Dumplings

  • Christian Kale Salad

  • Mark Zuckerburgers

  • The Kids Are All Quite Tender (Baby Goat Stew)

  • Toy Story 3 Bean Salad