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Wendy Williams Kept It The Realest During Her Interview With Rachel And Bryan From The Bachelorette And I'm Living For It

Who knew Wendy Williams was the real MVP?

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A little recap: as most of us know by now, Rachel Lindsay, this season's Bachelorette, ultimately chose to giver her final rose to Dr. Bryan Abasolo, the chiropractor.

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It wasn't much of a surprise that during the final episode, when Rachel sent Peter Kraus, the fan favorite, home because he did not want to propose to her immediately, Twitter blew up.

Rachel and Peter's tearful and heartbreaking goodbye was so touching and emotional, everyone was feeling some type of way. After their conversation, Rachel chose to say goodbye to Peter for the central reason of wanting to get engaged the next day.

I think I speak for most of the Bachelor/Bachelorette fan base when I say, Rachel, you messed up.

I hope I'm not the only one who transitioned from a Rachel fan, to a very suspicious Rachel fan, to no longer a Rachel fan. Her behavior during the final episode in the ABC studio and her interaction with Peter was quite hostile, which was unexpected.

Since most of us were never fans of Bryan, his kissing skills, and his general "extra" demeanor in the first place, Rachel's choice and hostility was not well received at all by the Twitterverse.

There was a singular question that kept ringing in my mind- were Rachel's intentions pure?

Clearly, Wendy Williams felt the same way.

On September 20th, 2017, the Wendy Williams show uploaded an interview with Rachel and Bryan to its YouTube page.

There were definitely some uncomfortable moments, but I couldn't help but give Wendy some serious credit for calling Rachel out, face to face, on certain burning issues that needed to be addressed for all of us fans.

First off, Wendy made this face when Rachel said she didn't want to rush the wedding.

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When Rachel asked "what does that face mean?" Wendy hit her with "Well, you rushed the engagement. I mean you're the girl who just met this guy on reality TV."

This is when I knew... Wendy was going to be the unlikely representative for all the confused Bachelorette fans out there.

Then, Wendy brought up Rachel's upbringing, her parents, and her education only to question how she wound up on a reality show.

Fox / Via

Wendy's confusion was clearly genuine but she definitely wasn't pulling any punches.

Rachel's response was diplomatic and rehearsed when she said "how do you turn down an opportunity to represent yourself as an African American woman in a positive way when we've been so underrepresented in that franchise?"

When Rachel specified that she went on the Bachelorette also because she didn't want to let go of a chance to find love, Wendy went in even harder.

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With Rachel stumped, Wendy just casually continued her interview, eventually bringing up pictures of the two final men: Bryan and Peter.

The best moment by far was when Wendy had no idea which man Rachel picked.

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Not only was Wendy confused about which one of the pictures was Bryan, but she also thought Peter was the chiropractor (which is so very wrong), thus showing how little she actually cares about Rachel's reality stint.

But then, Wendy said what all of us have been wanting to say for so long...

Wendy put up a picture of Peter and told Rachel the true speculation that she eliminated Peter because she was desperate to get engaged.

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Rachel rebutted her point quite well actually, blaming the editing for portraying her conversation with Peter in a way that "made it seem" like she would have chosen him.

But Wendy wasn't done, she proceeded to invite Bryan out and made one of the funniest flubs I've ever seen, following with a pointed comment.

Wendy then closed the interview by telling Rachel and Bryan that she thinks they have a made for TV relationship and that they will try to continue being reality stars.

Fox / Via

Wendy did not pull any punches even at the very end of the interview. It was slightly uncomfortable, but also quite entertaining.

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