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10 Of The Greatest Moments From The Bachelor In Paradise Finale

As if this season wasn't already juicy enough

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1. When Corinne and Demario buried the hatchet.

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It was a difficult road for BiP cast members Corinne and DeMario after the suspended production debacle during early summer. Although BiP fans got to see individual interviews with Corinne and DeMario over the season (who both had nothing bad to say about the other), we never really saw them reconnect as friends and truly bury the hatchet.

We finally got our happy ending on the BiP season finale, when we saw the happy and hilarious Corinne we remember reemerge and share the stage with DeMario. In the cutest moment ever, after DeMario voiced his desire to "connect without this dark cloud over us," Corinne dropped another classic one liner and DeMario smiled in admiration. Just like that, the scandal was finally put to rest.

2. When Alexis finally told Jasmine to shut up.

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We all remember the Jasmine and Christen "scallop fingers" feud. It went on for far too long during the show and apparently persisted on social media even after the show wrapped.

During the finale Jasmine did not hold back when Christen accused her of "fueling the fire" on social media. The two angrily argued back and forth about Christen liking social media posts that were accusing Jasmine and Alexis of being bullies for calling her "scallop fingers."

It didn't take long for Chris Harrison to cut them off, asking if they wanted to end the feud or continue arguing. Christen simmered down while Jasmine replied, "I mean we could keep going, because this is not okay." The crowd and cast gasped with slight excitement, but Alexis swooped in to save Jasmine from further embarrassment by telling her to stop talking.

Not gonna lie, hearing someone tell Jasmine to just chill out for once was pretty satisfying, and the fact that it was Alexis makes it even better!

3. When Kristina finally implied that she was done with Dean.

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We all saw the sad, infuriating, and increasingly ridiculous love triangle of Dean, Kristina, and D-Lo unfold on BiP this season. Kristina ended up leaving after she saw Dean and D-Lo canoodling and making out in the pool right beside her cabana when she and Dean had just spent the previous night together. We all felt for her and were rooting for her but we also wanted her to realize that she deserved better and kick Dean to the curb once and for all. I know I personally was yelling at the screen when she allowed him to walk her out.

During the BiP finale, however, Kristina made an incredibly satisfying statement implying that she would no longer be interested in dating Dean. She referenced his future girlfriend, whoever she may be, and told him to treat her better. I don't know about y'all, but I was so proud of her. Tough luck, Deanie Babies.

4. When Danielle interjected to call out Dean for being the player that he is.

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During the first half of the finale, before what I call the "Cast Tell All," we saw Dean break-up with Danielle Lombard (D-Lo) and finally admit to being in love with Kristina and making the wrong decision. He then doubled down on his comments when Chris Harrison spoke to him during the second half of the show. I think most of us were just about ready to forgive Dean until D-Lo suddenly decided to jump into the conversation revealing some interesting information.

D-Lo exposed Dean for calling her an hour after they had left the show, coming over, and continuing a relationship with her off camera. She then asked him why he would do all that if he had realized that he really loved Kristina. The look on Dean's face was priceless as he struggled to answer and flashed that signature innocent smile. It was definitely awkward and the audience was shook, but on behalf of all BiP fans, thank you, D-Lo, for keeping it real.

5. When the twins called Robby out for cheating on Amanda.


The Robby and Amanda relationship was always just a tad bit weird. There were times when Robby seemed like the cutest and times when he was just a little bit too much. I can't say I was too disappointed or surprised when Amanda told Robby that they should leave paradise as friends given the fact that she made such a colossal mistake last time getting engaged to Josh Murray.

But during the cast tell all, we learned that the two tried to be a couple after returning from paradise and that things just didn't end up working out. Before Robby came out, the twins casually interrupted Chris Harrison's conversation with Amanda by revealing that the relationship had been strained because Robby had cheated.

The twins didn't back down after Chris Harrison invited Robby onto stage for his side of the story. When he flat out denied cheating, the twins resorted to citing a piece of concrete evidence: a picture that was supposedly sent to Amanda that showed Robby making out with another girl.

Although he continued to deny it and chalked it up to a bad angle and non-romantic "closeness," it was super satisfying to see him try to respond to such a direct attack.

6. When Lacey confronted Daniel.

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This was by far the greatest moment of the entire finale. Lacey fearlessly confronted Daniel about their failed relationship. She claimed that he told her he didn't really love her the morning after the fantasy suite date. When Chris Harrison invited Daniel to join them on stage, he hit Lacey with "I never said I was falling in love with you," to which both Chris Harrison and Lacey said "yes you did, it's on camera."

Daniel was obviously super nervous and started babbling on about how he equates love with marriage and that he had told her he wasn't ready for marriage. Lacey told him that he had implied he was serious about the relationship by telling her he was falling for her. When Daniel denied that "falling for someone" meant the same as wanting to marry them, Lacey made the most satisfying statement: "You've done two of these shows and you're 32 years old, what do you think that means?" The cast and audience roared with applause and cheers.

Lacey, you are a rockstar.

7. When Daniel was exposed for being a liar.

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The Lacey confrontation wasn't all that nervous Daniel faced during the finale. The producers decided to release footage of Daniel telling them the morning after the fantasy suite date that he was not as into Lacey as she was into him and that he would never "change his Facebook relationship status to 'in a relationship with Lacey.'" Daniel looked like even more of a jerk than he did before. The best moment was when the camera cut to his face right after the footage was played and he was clearly internally freaking out.

8. When the women supported Lacey taking down Daniel.

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Ok, one more aspect of the whole Lacey and Daniel confrontation- all of the women from the cast of BiP were incredibly supportive of Lacey and it was magnificent. They shouted words of encouragement when Daniel brought up a story that Lacey wasn't prepared to tell, saying "go ahead Lacey!" "Come on, girl!" I have to say it was totally heartwarming to see the women back her up as she stood up to someone who had so clearly wronged her. So much love!!

9. When it was revealed that Raven and Adam were still together.

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Even though in the first half of the finale we saw Raven and Adam go on their fantasy suite date, we had also seen Raven briefly voice her uncertainty about their relationship. For me at least, I wasn't entirely sure that the two would still be together during the second half of the finale show. But lo and behold, the two came out and revealed that they were still together, and very much in love. Raven seemed to have put her uncertainty to rest, saying that "everyone deserves an Adam."

She also hilariously surprised Adam by inviting her parents on stage. A little bit cruel on Raven's part since this was Adam's first time meeting her mom and dad, but mostly super cute seeing Adam make his best first impression and Raven looking totally giddy.

10. And when Derek proposed to Taylor

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Let me tell you, BiP knows how to make a season as climactic as possible. Now, I'm not going to deny that it was pretty obvious that Derek and Taylor were very serious about each other fairly early on. We all had an inkling that they were soulmates given how much time they would spent sleeping and cuddling on that random bed in the middle of the Mexican beach. But everything truly did come to a beautiful ending when Derek got down on one knee and asked Taylor to spend the rest of her life with him.

It was the perfect bow on top of one of the most wild seasons of Bachelor in Paradise I have ever experienced. The cast and audience all looked shocked and ecstatic as Taylor tearfully accepted the proposal and rose petals showered the stage. The finale ended with a giant group hug as all the cast members ran down and congratulated the happy couple on their engagement.

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