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7 Things Panamanians Want You To Know

We're unique, we're loud and proud chu-cha!

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6. We're Proud of our Ascendencia Africana. Chu-cha!

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Ever notice that Panamanians are unbothered? Instead of asking us why we DON'T have a problem with our negrura(African Heritage), maybe ask our white Latino counterparts why they HAVE a problem with our negrura. We love our sazon(melanin), and we wouldn't trade it for the world.

4. We're Not Honduran. Stop. it.

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Yes, Honduras and Panama are in central america. Yes Honduras and Panama have large populations that are afro-descendiente. No we are not the same country, we love them they love us but we are not the same and we deserve respect. As individual nations.

3. We Come in All Colors, Religions, Shapes, and Sizes

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Like the rest of the world, we're very diverse. It's not our fault most of the Panamanians shining in the media happen to be Afro descendiente (#teamsazon). Although we're very proud, let's establish that all Panamanians aren't brown, we're white, black and everything in between. #QueVivaPanama !

1. We Don't Consider Ourselves Former Colombians. We are our own People.

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Stop. grouping. us. together. we're. different. they're different. that's what makes us beautiful... on our own. Apart. from each other. Get me? Panama separated from Colombia in 1903. 100+ years ago, let's let it go... NOW.

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