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7 Things White Allies Need To Know

This is a step-by-step guide for white allies who don't understand why the phrase "not all white people" is counterproductive, for white allies who love 'hand holding' for those who bask in whitesplaining etc-et-era. Thanks for fighting the good fight but let's keep these things in mind...

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7. Recognize Your Privilege. Recognize Your Privilege. Recognize Your Privilege.

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You're human. POC are people aka human. When a tragedy occurs the human thing to do is to feel sadness, empathy etc. In racial situations, the wounds strike deeper on POC than they do on white people. Point. Period. Blank. With that being said, recognize the power you have to try to influence the situation. Also don't try to assume you can relate to the pain of POC on the same level as POC. You can relate to it as an ally and that should be enough for you to be inspired to get involved. #amessagetothewokeblancitos

6. Find Other Woke White Allies and Assemble To Make A Stand

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Assemble with other likeminded individuals (a message to the woke) and tell racists "what's good." It's 2017, thanks to technology and the fact that like 8/10 millennials have a cell phone, there's an overwhelming amount of us who are able to make a 'statement' within seconds on the internet. What is lacking severely however, is actual human interaction. Try to occupy the spaces that would otherwise be considered too uncomfortable for People of Color.

5. Educate, Educate, Educate. Then educate some more.

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Despite growing tensions in the country, there are some racists who have turned their lives around and are going as far as to tell their stories on public platforms. Incredible. Getting through to a bigot is harder when it's coming from a POC, this is an opportunity for you to use your white privilege. This is a photo of Jeremy Haskins, look up his story.

4. Understand That Whitesplaining isn't a Tactic

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POC understand what is going on when it comes to race 8.75/10 times. It is more beneficial to everyone to take down notes and strategize than to comment on what we should feel or how we should view situations.

3. If You're An Ally You Don't Have To Constantly Reassure Your Innocence

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Don't talk the talk, just walk the walk. If you're a supporter of the humanistic media representation of people of color and more importantly-their lives, and you demonstrate that with action.. We see you, and we appreciate you. However, we're going through our own personal social anxieties with it all and don't need to be constantly reminded "all white people aren't bad" because like every other social race 'some are'. Let's focus on them and not bring the social stress to an individual level because face it, we're stressed enough.

2. Handholding

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It is not up to people of color to hold your hand in tough situations. Let's say you did something great like for example expose a racist to their employer, which limits their financial funds and therefore increases everyone's security. That's excellent! However, it is not the job of people of color to hold your hand. If you're an adult participating in something that promotes human rights for POC follow suit.. we'll catch up on your efforts eventually.

1. If We Identify A Medium As A Stereotype, Respect Our Feelings

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Think about it, if a statement groups people together and all of those 'people' are POC, aka.. not you. We have the right to denounce it as something that affects us.

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