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Finally A Drone That Will Bring You Food Wherever You Are

Maybe in the future you will not want to smash down drones like Ron Swanson does?

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Yes technology is moving fast, but we’re long overdue for something to get us our burrito at 11pm when we don’t want to freeze to death outside. A pair of students from Stanford have just designed a personal drone that can: film indoors or outdoors, deliver food or medicine, and even provide security at home and alert you if someone breaks into your house. Because Nest cams are so 2010 (and burglars aren’t afraid of them anymore). But it doesn’t stop there. We are in the future, remember? This drone is different to others. It is created for the home and personal use, and lets you install many diverse applications. That means that it will learn more skills every time you download something from its app store. And everyone will be uploading their own programs for it. Adia promises to make available an app store very soon. In that marketplace, you’ll be able to find many apps and games. You can browse through them on your iOS or Android phone, or on the web, but you can also use voice commands to instal


The picture is not a joke. The drone can deliver for real. Maybe it will not carry a baby, but it can bring chinese food to your table (not just your front door). With its SLAM 3d mapping, it can literally come in through the window and leave the package in your room. Lucas also added that “Our drone is much easier to create applications for. Our goal is that even a smart 5-year-old can make a basic drone game app”.


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