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13 Problems Every Girl Has Encountered On A Date

Dating is the worst. Oh well, at least your hair looks good. Keep it shiny and frizz-free with Garnier, and you'll have #OneLessGirlProblem.

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2. That feeling when your date looks nothing like they did in their pictures.

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You were looking forward to a date with a tall dark-haired pillar of man, but you’re actually sitting across from an average blonde dude who probably owns a lizard. What is happening.

10. ...and now you've accidentally overdone the wine.

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Welcome to Drunk Town, population: your face. Now your date knows how many kids you want, and what their names will be, aaaaand there's probably not going to be a second date.

At least with Garnier you can have shiny, frizz-free date hair. So that's #OneLessGirlProblem.

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