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The Importance Of Printing In The Digital Era

Weather changes and the digital age extends throughout the world, but this does not mean that various systems, such as printing, disappear. The society has been moving increasingly towards a more networked life, which has shifted print resources. We can see it in the way that printed magazines great popularity have been abandoning the printed format to adopt a digital edition.

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However, although this trend is seeing progress, at the corporate level we can see that we encounter various problems at the time in which we try to eliminate the impression as a whole.

Commitment to reading

Studies confirm that people who read printed materials have a greater interest and commitment to using them from the Internet . One of the reasons for this is that those who read large blocks of text are more concentrated when they have elements that can distract them. And although the online material is easily accessible, it also means it is close to millions of distractions. In a printed material a private relationship between the document and the reader is created so no distraction possible.

People want options

We are in a time when society gets what he wants and how he wants in a few minutes. It has been so since that time when people received what they wanted as they gave. Now we must provide readers with enough options and distribution channels to select the one they prefer at all times.

Some prefer printed materials

The reality is that there are still many people who prefer to have what he reads in his hand. Maybe it's the feel of the paper or the feeling of having something tangible. There is no definitive answer, but the market knows that many people prefer printed documents.

Printing works hand in hand with digital

Printed material does a very adequate job when acting with online material, whether or promotional form working hand in hand. This benefits the process with increased credibility in printed materials, something that does not happen with the online format because it seems that anyone can create a document available on the Internet.

Printing is green

It may not seem so, but the impression is greener than online systems. Each time you print trees are needed and that affects the environment. But the footprint of this print is a unique effect. With online services power is required each time you access to documents. Several studies show that the printing vip discount codes industry use a 1% of global energy, while Internet data centers consume 4%.

It stands printing

Surprising, but the impression stands today. The times when we received an email and we were surprised have passed. Now it's the most normal thing in the world, because we received 1000 emails a day and is not something that we assume a special impact. And that's what makes impressions stand out because they are no longer as common as they once were. On the other hand, classical prints because they force help absorb the content to slow down the process of consumption, making it a more effective, especially in the sector of education system.

EBook sales are falling

The figures speak for themselves: in the first months of 2015 sales of eBooks fell 10% according to information disclosed by the Association of American Publishers in the United States. Because of this, it is withdrawing support for eBooks and increasing investment in traditional print publishers from around the world.

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