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The Actor Playing Archie On The CW's Riverdale Is Insanely Attractive And It's Time We Took Notice

Archie who?

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And now its time we admire this absolutely perfect human.

Instagram: @kjapa

Nobody looks this good in black and white.

Instagram: @colesprouse

Need more proof? Just listen to Apa's silky smooth New Zealand accent.

Instagram: @kjapa

He even makes cigarette smoking look ~cool~.

Instagram: @kjapa

Did I mention he plays guitar?

Instagram: @kjapa

And who doesn't love a gym selfie?

Instagram: @kjapa

KJ also loves dogs, which brings him to top tier male attractiveness.

Instagram: @kjapa

Here's a snowy candid of our favorite New Zealander.

Instagram: @camimendes

Who are those flowers for, Archie?

@unthosfiores has the best flowers. Untho is never tired, Abbott Kinney.


And another candid because KJ appreciates nature and ~witty~ captions.

my eyebrows are the verandas of my face. 📸 @TimenaApa

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