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Let The Ghost Of Video Games Past Predict Your Gaming Future

Whether your tastes run classic or cutting edge, GameStop is the place to grab all your holiday games this season.

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If you loved The Legend of Zelda series, you should be playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Think of Geralt of Rivia as Link's badass uncle. Both our heroes travel on horses through beautiful, vividly imagined fantasy landscapes completing engrossing missions with a mix of strategy and hand-to-hand combat with equally vividly imagined monsters.

If The Incredible Machine was your childhood PC jam, check out Super Mario Maker.

For some people, fiddling with the settings of a game was half the fun. For those who spent waaay too much time in the school computer lab fine-tuning their Rube Goldberg masterpieces, there's Super Mario Maker which puts the design toolkit of every Super Mario game at your disposal. You may never leave your apartment again.

If you discovered goth slashing through spooky dungeons in Castlevania, break out the eyeliner for Bloodborne: The Old Hunters.

The makers of Bloodborne are (in)famous for creating hard-AF fighting systems, so traversing the gothic environments of Yarnham will be a bit more difficult than swinging through Dracula's dungeons. But the dark, Victorian feel of this epic will have you humming that Symphony of the Night OST under your breath as you slay.

If you loved StarFox 64, you should totally pick up Star Wars: Battlefront.

True, much of Dice's Star Wars: Battlefront takes place outside the cockpit, but if you've been jonesing for that sweet, sweet, white-knuckle first-person fighter pilot action ever since the days of StarFox, you're not gonna do much better than this jam here.

If you were addicted to Tetris growing up, get into this Minecraft thing that your nephew is always talking about.

OK, so Tetris is a straight-up puzzler, and Minecraft is an MMORPG, but genre aside, we're talking blocks on blocks on blocks, y'all.

If you were a little speed freak, Forza Motorsport 6 will blow your doors off.

Games like Spy Hunter and Excitebike used to rev your engine, so hop into the newest iteration of the venerable Forza series: Forza Motorsport 6. Literally hundreds of endlessly customizable high-performance vehicles ripping across gorgeous tracks from around the world will reclaim for you the youthful exhilaration you had every time you drank too much soda.

If blowing away nuclear zombies in Doom was your thing, Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies has the gonzo chaos and violence you crave.

Not only do you get the blood and guts to which Doom has made you accustomed (and in heart-pounding 60 FPS), but in Black Ops III Zombies mode you can play as a celebrity-voiced character too! Going around and exploding malformed nuclear abominations just feels better when you can also talk sh*t to them in a movie star's voice.

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Head into GameStop this holiday to honor your longstanding gaming traditions and unlock new adventures!