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Tell Us What Weird Talent You Have That No One Expects

Do you have a hidden talent no one expects? Watch people with unexpected talents fool the contestants of FOX's Game of Talents, premiering March 10 at 9/8c!

Everyone is talented in their own way, whether it's creating decks for work presentations...

Businesswoman having a video call on a laptop with her team

Or being able to nap on command.

Tired man sleeping by his laptop at home in the evening

But some people have talents that you wouldn't think they'd have just by looking at them.

That's the premise behind FOX's new game show, Game of Talents!

Game of Talents logo

Host Wayne Brady challenges contestants to guess a person's talent — before they perform!

In that spirit, tell us: what weird talent do you have that nobody would expect?

Can you run up a wall parkour-style?

Young man running up side of wall

Are you able to stick your whole body into a suitcase?

 Woman holding a suitcase

Or are you hiding your ability to shred along to Swedish black metal riffs on guitar?

A girl playing guitar

Tell us about your spectacular talent in the comments below. We'll feature the best responses in an upcoming BuzzFeed sponsored post for FOX's brand-new show Game of Talents, premiering March 10 at 9/8c!

Just a heads-up — anything you send us is covered by the regular BuzzFeed User Terms.