The 14 Funniest Signs From College GameDay

Even more signs … that you should be watching College GameDay. THAT PUN WAS NECESSARY, PEOPLE. Wake up and catch all the action every Saturday now starting at 9:00am EST on ESPN.

1. Thankfully … no … no it isn't.

ESPN College Gameday / Via

2. I get it!

theycallmetophr / Via

3. Noted.

ESPN College Gameday / Via


dwhartwig / Via Flickr: dwhartwig

5. Perfect.

ESPN College Gameday

6. Contrary to whatever you've heard…

ESPN College Gameday / Via

7. Statistically the riskiest time to go for it.

ESPN College Gameday

8. A public service announcement for the kids.

ESPN College Gameday / Via

9. I feel like there's a subliminal message here…

nowthatscollege / Via

10. …… that Steven Seagal with a panda?

pimpmikec / Via

11. "Hail" to the creator of this weather report.

Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

12. Cautiously optimistic.

nolebody_better / Via

13. ….. wait, what?

ESPN College GameDay / Via

14. Facts are still unconfirmed.

mattblair2 / Via

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