14 Pets Who Are Ready For GameDay

Animals love college football. It’s science. That’s why you should wake up, help your dogs get dressed, and catch all the action on College GameDay now starting every Saturday at 9 a.m. EST on ESPN.

1. This dog who is laughing at the notion that Nebraska would lose. That - or - he's wetting the carpet.

Erinsorensen / Via Twitter: @ErinSorensen

2. This Kentucky cat is going "wild"… on the inside.

SourceAmbs / Via Twitter: @SourceAmbs

3. "No, I don't know who pooped on your socks… but I do know that Marqise Lee is some kind of touchdown-catching robot."

trevJanesi_310 / Via Twitter: @trevJanesi_310

4. This dog who spent the extra $10 for an authentic NC State Wolfpack hat.

zingpix / Via Flickr: zingpix

5. Before the game, "Honey Bun" loves to talk smack on all the TCU frog dog blogs.

soniatcu / Via instagram.com

6. "They can take our lives, but they can never take OUR FLEADOM!"

Catherine and Tyler Wilhoit / Via BuzzFeed

7. "Am I going to paint my face? Psh. Nope. Definitely not. You can't tell, but I just winked at you."

Jake / Via BuzzFeed

8. Roll Tie!

makeupbytiffanyd / Via instagram.com

9. Roll Tired.

Ollie-Bama / Via BuzzFeed

10. "Yeah, I brought two hats… one for me, and one for when the ducks are AHEAD. GET IT?! Guys…?"

Chuy / Via BuzzFeed

11. This dog who is ready to give Ohio State all they can candle.

Toby / Via BuzzFeed

12. Brandon Weeden's dog leaves early for the game because he likes to be pugtual.

bweeden3 / Via Twitter: @bweeden3

13. "I'm not worried about losing. Everyone knows that Illinois fans are Wieners."

Trixie / Via BuzzFeed

14. "Root for all teams, Yoda Cat must."

AlsBoy / Via Twitter: @AlsBoy

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