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People Are Finding Cockroaches In Their Playstation 4 - And Its Not Unusual

Believe it or not, it's common for repair shops to receive orders to remove cockroaches that have made a home in their Playstation 4.

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Cockroaches in your PS4? Really?

Your PlayStation 4 may not only be home to your collection of games. As Kotaku reported, there have been issues, particularly in large cities such as New York, with cockroaches making a den for themselves within the system itself. Kotaku’s Cecilia D’Anastaslo visited a Manhattan-based repair shop – the standard type which fixes most of your general console issues – except this one has a different option on the list of charges: “roaches”. For $25, PlayStation 4 owners can have their console de-roached, which the store owner says happens “at least once each week”.

Why Is This Happening?


So why do cockroaches love consoles? The answer is fairly simple; small city apartments are usually more cramped, darker, and warmer, so when your system is shoved out of the way and into a dingy corner of the room, it’s a cosy place for critters to set up camp.

How to remove Cockroaches from your PS4

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But aside from wanting to play Horizon: Zero Dawn, why do they prefer Sony’s console? With wider ventilation gates on the bottom half of the console, it’s much easier for cockroaches to initially make their way into the PlayStation 4. Once they’re in there, the PS4 is hotter internally than the Xbox One, making the critters feel like the covers are wrapped around them on a Sunday morning.

Even if the damning evidence of a cockroach’s body isn’t found, their excrement has a distinct smell and look to it. And that’s me off my lunch.

The moral of the story isn’t to have to put your PlayStation 4 out of cockroach reach, or even leave it out in the open: just don’t have cockroaches in the first place.

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