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    I'm going to post some of my gacha club creations on this post, so try to check daily (if I remember to post daily, oof)

    .-. ._.

    Me and my made-up crew:

    Oof, sorry you cannot see the picture (I think that's what this means.)

    Disclaimer: none of the characters above (except hanna) are real. No I don't actually have a real girlfriend. 😬

    Edit: oof, I just remembered zek was a bunny, so imagine zek with bunny ears like zilians, except a pretty dark grey.

    The time paradox cuties:

    Fun fact: they were all born at the start of the time paradox, but zee is twelve, Emma is seventeen and rose is ∞.

    The cheetah twins of opposites:

    Fun fact: sahara is more deadly than jonah, even though she looks very ~nice~.

    Pinkie Pie:

    Fun fact: pinkie pie (along with deadpool) broke the fourth wall so much that they got put into a death battle video together.


    Fun fact: Anabel hates guns, but she always used stuff she hates.


    Okay this'll be my last one. I call her Ava, meaning grace!