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Paid PostApr 6, 2015

12 Scents That Can Literally Improve Your Day

Smells do amazing things to your brain. The right scents can make you feel on top of the world. Feel pure joy every time you catch the scent of Gain.

1. Smelling lavender helps you sleep and decreases stress. / Via /

Studies have found that lavender aromatherapy helps with both sleep and decreasing the stress hormone, cortisol. People in Provence (the lavender capital of the world!) must be the most relaxed people on Earth.

2. A whiff of coffee can make you feel a jolt of energy. / Via

Studies have suggested that the aroma of roasted coffee beans stirs brain activity. No wonder coffee shops are such great places to read, study, and meet up with people!

3. Grapefruit's aroma helps increase metabolism. / Via

Researchers at Osaka University found that the scent of grapefruit helps speed up metabolism and decrease cravings. Who knew the secret to healthy eating and feeling good could be hidden in a lil' grapefruit?

4. Sniffing peppermint helps you focus. / Via

The fresh, minty smell of peppermint stimulates the trigeminal nerve, which affects the part of the brain that makes you more alert! Time to incorporate peppermint into every morning routine.

5. Floral fragrances are linked with happiness. / Via

Some researchers believe that floral smells promote happiness and social interaction. One theory is that this happens because humans and plants co-evolved!

6. The smell of rosemary helps you remember important things. / Via

A team of psychologists tested the effects of smelling rosemary essential oils and found that it helps improve long-term memory — especially in terms of remembering important events!

7. The smell of cinnamon inspires you to buy things you want. / Via

Maybe money can buy happiness...if you smell some cinnamon first. A study at CUNY and Temple University found that smelling cinnamon made people feel "warmer" and more inclined to buy "prestigious items" that make them happy!

8. The smell of rain makes you feel calm and pleasant. / Via /

The pleasant smell of rain is caused by a blend of oils secreted by plants, combined with bacteria in soil. The positive associations people have with the smell of rain is speculated to be a by-product of evolution and culture; people throughout history have always thought of rain as a blessing!

9. The scent of freshly cut grass promotes relaxation. / Via

Neuroscientists at the University of Queensland discovered that freshly cut grass releases a chemical that causes feelings of happiness and relaxation. (In fact, they're even using their findings to create a perfume that helps relieve stress!) Time to start volunteering to mow lawns.

10. The aroma of olive oil makes you feel more satisfied. / Via

Turns out it's not just eating and cooking with olive oil that's healthy — researchers have found that the aroma of olive oil helps prevent overeating, improves blood sugar response, and makes you feel more satisfied after a meal.

11. The smell of ginger root "warms" you. / Via /

The woody, biting smell of ginger can make you feel a sensation of warmth and relaxation. Unsurprisingly, it's also considered an aphrodisiac!

12. Smelling freshly baked bread actually makes you nicer to strangers. / Via

Freshly baked bread doesn't just smell amazing — it's also linked with altruism and kindness. French researchers discovered that people were more likely to be selfless and helpful to strangers if they happened to be passing a good-smelling bakery.

And the amazing scent of Gain has been proven to give you more joy than listening to your favorite music.

Robert Daly / Getty Images / Via

Scent expert Dr. Alen Hirsch conducted a groundbreaking study that showed the scent of Gain not only causes more feelings of joy than listening to your favorite music, it also makes listening to your favorite tunes more enjoyable.