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Game Of Thrones As People You'll Meet On Valentines Day

Ever wondered what Valentines would be like in Westeros? (May contain mild spoilers.)

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Bronn - The Joker / Via

We all know Bronn to be a joker in the Thrones universe, so why should Valentines be any different? Whether he found himself a partner or not, it can be guarenteed he'd be playing jokes on everyone he encountered.

Daenerys Targaryen - The Desirable One / Via

There's no daenying (see what I did there) that Khaleesi is one of the most desired characters, everyone loves her; fans, other characters, people who have never seen the show... The flame of love is burning in her, and we all know fire doesn't kill the dragon. Maybe she should change her name to Bae-nerys.

Margaery Tyrell - The Scheming One / Via

Margaery is one of the most scheming Thrones characters out there, and her desire to be Queen is one that can be matched only by Khaleesi (sorry Cersei). I can only imagine that she would be the one making sure had the best date, at the most expensive restaurant and receiving the best gifts. Who needs a tiara when you can have a crown?

Petyr Baelish - The Stalker


Petyr earns the crown for the furthest lengths a stalker can go. From marrying his crush's sister to chasing after her daughter. Petyr would, without a doubt, be that person who knows your address, somehow has your number, and messages you on Facebook from multiple accounts. He's determined to be your Bae-lish. (Another Bae joke?)

Melisandre - The Mystifying One / Via

Okay so she's a witch and all, and I don't mean she'll make you burn your daughter at the stake or anything, but she will be the one to make sure your attention is always on her, and you don't be able to look away. There's just something about her that's so magical...

Sam Tarly - The Shy One / Via

Sam is one of the most underrated characters in the Thrones universe and it is undeniable that he would be the one who gets too nervous to ask their crush out, but also the one who cares more than is imaginable. Gilly is a lucky gal.

Sansa Stark - The Unlucky In Love / Via

Let's not glance over just how amazing Sansa Stark is, okay? But she has had such a terrible run of exes, she just can't catch a break! We've all been there, Sansa. And we're with you. She would be the one who is single on Valentines Day, but not out of choice. You're the Queen of the singletons, Sansa!

Khal Drogo - The Fighter / Via

Show of hands, who else has mega love for Khal Drogo and his Khaleesi? He obviously has so much love for his moon and stars and fights to do right by her. He would be the one sticking by his partner against anyone who said something negative, and he would fight to the end to keep them. On Valentines he'd surely be sharing his love on social media. Let's just skip past his death though, okay? Okay.

Jon Snow - The Romantic One / Via

Hey, I left out the obvious 'knows nothing' joke! Jon is everyone's favourite character because he's just so perf. It's obvious that he's a romantic at heart. His lucky Valentine wouldn't have to worry about roses or a card, because he would definitely have a dinner reservation sorted at the poshest restaurant in town! Can I come?

Arya Stark - The One Who Doesn't Need A Man / Via

Arya is one of the strongest characters in the show, thrown into solitary at a young age and pushed to just get things done. A girl needs noone. It's guarenteed that Arya would not care for Valentines at all, it's just another commercialised way for companies to exploit people's feelings. No thanks, a Needle is all she needs.

Tyrion Lannister - The One Who Drinks And Knows Things / Via

Same, Tyrion. Same. There's always someone who sits in the corner silently judging the couples from the corner of the bar, with a glass of wine in hand, and commenting on their behaviour. This would be Tyrion. And who doesn't love his sarcastic nature? He knows how the world works and he's got no time for it.

Hodor / Via

Nah. Too soon.

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