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10 Times Jim Gaffigan Perfectly Explained Fatherhood

True words from a hilarious man. If you can get the kids to stop screaming for a second, make sure to tune in to The Jim Gaffigan Show July 15 at 10/9c on TV Land and watch Jim put fatherhood in a much funnier light.

1. When he explained what it's like when you're about to have your fourth kid:

John Lamparski / Getty Images

2. On people's reactions when they learn about your home birth:

Paul Marotta / Getty Images

3. On life with a brand-new baby:

Paul Hawthorne / Getty Images

4. When he detailed the struggle of preparing kids for bedtime:

Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images

5. Or his strategy for when kids have nightmares:

Brad Barket / Getty Images

6. When he discovered the point of every family vacation.

Steve Snowden / Getty Images

7. When he summarized the frustration from your family's camping trip:

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

8. When he explained how hard it is when families try to eat healthier:

Steve Snowden / Getty Images

9. When he accurately defined the structure of parenting:

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

10. And when he perfectly described every father's truest realization:

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

Make sure to watch The Jim Gaffigan Show July 15 at 10/9c on TV Land to gain a new appreciation for fatherhood.

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