We Surprised A Pro Wrestler With Kittens And It’ll Make You Grin Uncontrollably


1. So, we all know about Rey Mysterio — the wrestling icon who’s performed around the world for various wrestling companies, including WWE. But the Pero Like crew had something special in store for the Lucha Underground superstar:

Pero Like / Via youtube.com

2. That’s right. KITTENS!

Pero Like

3. Yup…just Rey Mysterio just hanging out with some kittens.

Pero Like


Pero Like

5. At one point, the cats ran away from him, probably because of his intimidating luchador mask.

Pero Like

After all, the man battles monsters, dragons, and warriors with it for a living.

6. So, Rey did the unthinkable: HE TOOK OFF HIS MASK.

Pero Like

7. But, by showing his true self, he actually managed to calm the kittens down.

Pero Like

8. And delivered this oddly profound and adorable moment:

Pero Like

9. Watch Rey Mysterio have batshit insane wrestling matches on Lucha Underground, 8 p.m. ET on the El Rey Network.

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