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    Here's The Evolution Of Barbie's Face Over 56 Years

    A lot can change in 56 years...

    1959 β€” Barbie makes her debut

    1962 β€” Barbie Red Flare

    1965 β€” American Girl Barbie

    1966 β€” Barbie Color Magic

    1968 β€” Talking Barbie

    1969 β€” Barbie Twist

    1971 β€” Live Action Barbie

    1973 β€” Quick Curl Barbie

    1977 β€” Fashion Photo Barbie

    1979 β€” Malibu Barbie

    1981 β€” Golden Dream Barbie

    1983 β€” Angel Face Barbie

    1985 β€” Day and Night Barbie

    1988 β€” Fashion Barbie

    1991 β€” Fashion Barbie

    1992 β€” Rapper Barbie

    1996 β€” Fashion Barbie

    1997 β€” Harley Davidson Barbie

    1998 β€” Cool Blue Barbie

    1999 β€” Generation Girl Barbie

    2000 β€” Presidential Barbie

    2002 β€” Olympic Star Skater Barbie

    2006 β€” Lets Dance Barbie

    2009 β€” Bathing Suit Barbie

    2011 β€” Architect Barbie

    2013 β€” Dreamhouse Experience Barbie

    2015 β€” Barbie Fashionista