27 Gloriously Retro Photos From The Streets Of NYC

    Photographer Arlene Gottfried has been a longtime resident of New York City and has since captured its gritty likeness in beautiful black and white. Mildly NSFW, as much of New York in the '70s was.

    Since the early 1970s, Arlene Gottfried has confronted the faces and landscapes of New York City with her unique photo perspective. What she's gathered is a historical look into the city's unique diversity and ever-changing culture.

    Arlene Gottfried is a photographer based in New York, New York. Sometimes Overwhelming, Gottfried's first solo exhibition at Daniel Cooney Gallery, will be on view in New York City from Nov. 6 to Dec. 20, 2014. To view more of her work, check out her website at http://www.arlenegottfried.com/.