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    31 Small Things From Walmart That’ll Serve As Truly Easy Home Upgrades

    Decor that will glow up your home with almost zero effort on your part (admit it, I had you at "zero effort").

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Novogratz indoor/outdoor rug with a geometric motif, so even if you're just chilling on the porch, your friends will still have to notice your outstanding style.

    The rug in blue, which has a gray print of interlocking triangles in outline

    2. A vintage-style Pioneer Woman pressed glass cookie jar that you can use to store snacks, baking supplies, cooking utensils, cotton swabs, or anything else that you need organized in the cutest way possible.

    The cookie jar, which is a clear turquoise with pressed glass designs and a fully removable top

    3. A tufted, brightly colored corduroy floor cushion for when you want to feel fancy while you're watching TV, gaming, or just engaging in general loungery.

    The cushion, which is square, tufted, and has a small handle on the side, in dusty pink

    4. A ceramic planter in a soft neutral tone, because your plants deserve to get out of those boring terra-cotta pots and get a little dressed up.

    The pots, which are egg-shaped, with rounded edges, in pink and green

    5. A large, round, lidded wicker basket made from thick water hyacinth reeds, so you can add to your boho style *and* store your fleece Frozen blanket at the same time.

    The basket, which has a flat top and base, but a rounded middle

    6. A round decorative mirror with looping wire details that basically make it a piece of art (that you can also check your hair in).

    The mirror, which is round and surrounded by several loops of gold-toned wire

    7. An iron Drew Barrymore Flower Home Grecian table lamp, because you're so done with that gooseneck desk lamp you've had since college.

    The lamp, which is royal blue and has a flat circular base, a narrow column, and a round, bowl-shaped metal shade

    8. A throw pillow with a gray-toned chevron print, for areas where you'd like to experiment with prints but also keep your look relatively neutral.

    The pillows, which are small and square throw pillows, with a light gray base, and chevron stripe patterns in darker gray

    9. A velvet easel-back picture frame, so you can add a glam touch to your embarrassing family photos.

    The rectangular frame in pink velvet

    10. A mirrored, asymmetrical stainless steel pitcher that's great for pouring drinks — but also so sleek and industrial, you might just want to use it as decor.

    The pitcher, which is slim, has a handle, and an asymmetrical top that forms a spout

    11. A two-tier, zig-zag floating shelf, because corner shelves are offbeat and make good use of a usually-wasted space.

    The shelf, which is gray and has two horizontal shelf surfaces that are connected by vertical pieces

    12. A Victrola vinyl storage case that can hold 30 or more vinyl albums and look extremely cute while doing it.

    The case, which is shaped like a vinyl album, and has a hinged top, in turquoise

    13. A pair of walnut mid-century modern nightstands with splayed legs and antique-finish metal drawer pulls, so you can dream sweet dreams of Mad Men-inspired design.

    The two nightstands, which have four thin splayed legs, two drawers each, and a low, rectangular silhouette

    14. An Art Deco-style chair in burgundy velvet and gold-toned metal that will make you feel like a glamorous Old Hollywood star (Old Hollywood stars ate grilled cheese while watching Bridgerton on their laptop, right?).

    The chair, which has a burgundy velvet seat and upper back support, and two Art Deco arches in its frame

    15. A rustic, wooden console table with open storage, so you can have farmhouse chic vibes anywhere (including your extremely nonfarm of an apartment).

    The table, which has a raw wood look, and one lower open storage shelf

    16. A machine-washable throw pillow that's half woven material, half faux leather, and 100% extremely stylish.

    The pillow, which is square and has gray woven fabric on one half, and reddish-brown leather on the other

    17. A Drew Barrymore Flower Home wooden floor lamp with a green velvet drum shade for a hit of luxe retro ambience.

    The lamp, which has a round base, slim rod body, and green velvet drum shade

    18. A simple three-shelf, gold-tone Novogratz bar cart that will look elegant and modern, whether it's used for storing cocktail supplies or spare boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

    The cart, which has small wheels and three shelves, each with a low rail around it

    19. A two-shelf minimalist metal end table, for when you want to give your place an effortless "yes, I read cutting-edge design blogs" kind of vibe, without actually reading cutting-edge design blogs.

    The table, which has two shelves and an "X" base, in white

    20. A faux leather, splay-legged accent chair that is both a visual anchor for the room and a great place to curl up and read some great literature (or watch TikToks of dogs wearing wigs, no judgment here).

    The chair, which is camel-colored faux leather, and has a wide, high flared back and two raised armrests

    21. Or an upholstered lounge chair so sophisticated-looking, it will instantly make everything in your room look slightly fancier by association.

    The chair, which has a vintage, midcentury look with a high square back and large square sidepiece armrests, in emerald

    22. A neutral-toned chenille throw that looks luxurious on your couch and feels beyond cozy on your body.

    The blanket in blue

    23. A set of sweeping, machine-washable sheer voile curtains, because you need to let the light in, but you also need some precious privacy so you can watch Riverdale in peace.

    The curtains, which are sheer, in black

    24. Or a set of boldly colored blackout curtains that will both brighten your decor and darken your room (ironic, isn't it?).

    The curtains, which hang to the floor, in periwinkle

    25. A Queer Eye collection bar cabinet with two shelves and dividers for bottle storage, so you can finally give your bottles of Two Buck Chuck the kind of stylish home that they deserve.

    The cabinet, which has two hinged doors that are a light oak color, and a dark body, top, and legs

    26. A weathered-wood-look table lamp with a faceted base, so its unique style will make it a design focal point in any room.

    The lamp, which has geometric facets, in white

    27. Or an open silhouette wire lamp that'll blend equally well with modern and romantic decor alike.

    The lamp, which has a white drum shade and a base comprised of two triangular wire panels

    28. A round, distressed-wood wall shelf, so you'll have a chic, modern way to display your collectibles (yes, it is OK if your collectibles are neither chic nor modern).

    The shelf, which is round, and has a shelf across the width, as well as a divider along the length

    29. An abstract print that's intriguing-looking, but also compliments tons of different types of decor.

    The print, which looks like mountains or a cut-open geode, rendered in black, gray, and gold

    30. A cotton-and-jute pouf ottoman, because it perfectly compliments your boho decor while also giving you a great place to kick back and engage in some decidedly non-boho activities (well, maybe your TV habits are extremely boho, I don't know your life).

    The pouf, which is cylindrical with a rounded top, and which is half white braided cotton, half  braided jute in a natural tone

    31. A farmhouse-style, gray-wash wooden tray that works equally well as a place to display candles or keepsakes as it does to a device to transport a tasty plate of nachos safely across the house. That's called versatility, friends.

    The tray, which is rectangular and has two oval cut-out handles

    The reviews used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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