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    31 Practical Products From Target That'll Help Make Everyday Life A Little Simpler

    Until friendly robot butlers are cheap and plentiful, these life-hacking products are the next best thing.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A spice organizer that holds three rows of eight full-sized spice bottles, so you can find your garlic salt without knocking over five mostly-empty bottles of tarragon.

    2. A Google Nest learning thermostat, because you don't have time to program a complicated thermostat, and now, you don't need to. Just set this thermostat how you like it, and it'll learn what temperatures you prefer throughout the day. Plus, it's Wi-Fi enabled, so you can change the temperature from anywhere.

    The thermostat, which is round and has a touch screen

    3. A nesting kitchen measuring set that has magnets in the handles of each cup and spoon, so you don't have to worry about them falling all over the place while you store them.

    The set, which has measuring cups and spoons that stack together

    4. A package of 10 microwave-safe, stretch-to-fit food covers, because struggling with traditional cling wrap doesn't build character (no matter what your parents told you).

    The bag of food covers

    5. An under-bed shoe organizer, so even if you don't have room for a shoe rack, you can still get your foot-clothing in order.

    The metal shoe organizer with three slots

    6. A Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker that you can hang on whatever you tend to lose (keys, phone, favorite underpants), so you can instantly locate it through the app.

    The Tile Mate, which is small, square, and plastic, and can hang from a keychain or other loop

    7. A hair dryer and volumizing brush in one, so you never again have to wish for a third arm as you blow-dry, brush, and style.

    The dryer, which is shaped like a large hair brush

    8. An LED speaker lightbulb that connects directly to your Bluetooth, so you can control the light and sound all around you with the touch of a button.

    9. A roll-out fridge caddy with three adjustable compartments, because if your condiments could talk, they would tell you that they hate being abandoned to just kind of roll around on your door bin.

    The caddy, which has three small compartments

    10. A wireless charging pad that has compartments for phone and ear bud charging, as well as a large tray to hold keys, change, and whatever else you find in your pockets (four-leaf clover? Winning lotto ticket? Academy Award for Best Sound Design?).

    The wireless charger that's charging a phone and airpods case

    11. A 6-quart, programmable, dishwasher-safe Crock-Pot slow cooker with auto-warming features, so you'll never end up with cold food (even if you get distracted by an Office episode or 10).

    The Crock-pot, which has handles and special clamps to keep the lid in place while traveling

    12. A set of compression storage bags that don't require messing around with a vacuum — just fill them up, squeeze out the air, and you have a totally compact bag on your hands.

    The compression bags, which become flat for storage

    13. An ultra-tough Otterbox iPhone case to protect your phone from drops, and has a built-in PopGrip that lays flat in the case when you're not using it.

    The phone case, which has a built-in PopSocket on the back

    14. A Cuisinart coffee maker with both single cup and 12-cup pot capacity, so you'll never have to make a whole pot when it's just little old you (though if little old you wants to drink 12 cups of coffee? More power to you, my extremely jittery friend).

    The coffee maker

    15. A smart pet feeder that can feed your best buds on schedule, or whenever you want to give them some extra snackos — just use the app and you can instantly fill up their bowl.

    The pet feeder

    16. A set of two Ring indoor cameras with motion sensor and audio connection, so you can check in on your people, pets or plants while you're out, and even talk to them (and hear them talk back). You can also set it to send you alerts any time it detects motion at home.

    A small Ring indoor camera

    17. A dishwasher-safe food chopper that easily slices fruits and veggies directly into a 2.5-cup container, which means no more onion-chopping tears for you.

    18. A pot and pan organizer, so you can actually grab the pan you're looking for without having eight other pans fall out of the cabinet first (please do not pretend that this doesn't happen to you, our relationship is only as strong as our honesty here).

    The organizer, which has four shelves

    19. A Shark cordless, bagless stick vacuum that cleans hardwood and carpets, sucks up pet hair, and, best of all, has an easy-to-empty dust cup, so you don't have to touch any of the yucky stuff when you clean it out.

    The vacuum, which has a small see-through cup to collect dirt

    20. A faux fiddle plant, because your clinical inability to remember to water a plant shouldn't keep you from having a cute, green-filled space.

    The plant, which comes in a small gold pot

    21. A water-resistant flashlight that also works as a lantern, a red warning light, and a flashing emergency signal, so basically, if you have any light-related needs, you're set.

    22. A silicone grooming glove for cats and dogs who hate brushes, but really, really need to be brushed. Just put on the glove, pet them, and watch fur collect between the glove's soft nubs.

    The glove, which has a side covered in small silicone nubs which comb the fur

    23. A Thermos stainless steel lunch container with a built-in spoon that keeps your food hot for hours, so you won't have to spend your entire lunch break waiting to use the microwave.

    The container, which has a built-in foldable spoon

    24. An expandable three-tier pantry shelf, so you can organize your many spices, cans, nail polish bottles, Power Rangers figurines, etc. with ease.

    The shelf, which is white plastic and has three levels, and can double in width

    25. A Wi-Fi enabled smart plug that will allow you to program or remotely turn on lamps, air conditioners, appliances—literally anything with a plug. Either use the app, or use your Alexa or other voice-operated system.

    The plug, which can be activated remotely via an app

    26. A pedal can with separate sections for trash and recycling, because you have finally reached the phase in your life where you no longer have to mess with a weird, damp bag of cans under your sink (congratulations!).

    The trash can with two compartments and pedals

    27. A UV sterilization case that charges your phone and kills all the gross germs that hang out there, so your days of slathering it with hand sanitizer are over. Plus, you can also use it for headphones, keys, and anything else that's gotten a bit...icky.

    The UV sanitizer, which is rectangular, slightly larger than a phone, and has a top cover to close after you place your phone inside

    28. A 4.5-quart airtight, flip-top cereal storage container, because those bags the cereal comes in will rip, spill, and otherwise betray you every time.

    The cereal container, which has a rounded flip-top for pouring out cereal

    29. A breakfast sandwich maker that can cook up toast, cheese, eggs, bacon, and whatever else your little breakfast-loving heart desires in under five minutes. Plus, all of its pans are dishwasher-safe.

    The sandwich maker

    30. A disposable, sifting litter box made of recycled, biodegradable cardboard, so the next time you're like, "I would just love to pitch this entire litter box into the trash," you can!

    The disposable cardboard litter box

    31. A pair of adjustable, rotating LED night-lights that automatically turn on at dusk, and can be rotated to direct light wherever you need it.

    The nightlight, which plugs directly into an outlet

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