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Catya Catbanova

Next up at Seattle Opera is Katya Kabanova, a powerful drama by celebrated Czech composer Leoš Janáček. Today, we've enlisted some helpful cats to enact this story. Can (kitty) Katya's fragile world survive when her passions finally burst forth?

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Once upon a time, two wealthy families dominated a village on the banks of a mighty river.

Eric Isselée

Kabanicha may have been a respected elder in the community, but she treated her daughter-in-law like an inferior species: emotionally manipulating her, finding any chance to talk down to her, and complaining that Tichon gave all his attention to her.

Afterward, a search party came looking for Katya. While Tichon blamed his mother for Katya’s death, Kabanicha bowed deeply, again and again, thanking everyone who had gathered on the riverbank for their kindness and concern over her dearly departed daughter-in-law...

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