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Followers + Engagements = A Match Made in Twitter Heaven

In launching Twitter campaigns, many people have stressed the importance of having many followers of your Twitter account, which is understandable since Twitter as social media has traditionally been about the number of connections or followers you can have. More so, these followers represent, on paper at least, your audience or market for your business you can readily tap any time when opportunities arise to promote your business..

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Followers + Engagements = A Match Made in Twitter Heaven

However, having a large number of followers does not automatically equate that your tweets will get that large number of views too. As AddThis noted in an article, only a fraction of your followers see your tweets.

Thus we need to reconsider what a sound Twitter marketing strategy. Followers are no longer enough; there is a new formula you should need to know be successful in your Twitter campaign: "Followers + Engagements".

But what exactly are these engagements about? SproutSocial defines engagement as "the interactions received for each tweet". Such interactions are not just limited to tweet replies. Retweets, Likes, Mentions, Follows, and the clicked links you share on your tweet count as forms of engagement as well.

Engagements and followers go hand in hand in the success of your Twitter campaign overall. You cannot gain more followers without doing some effective engagement with your existing followers. Just as you cannot be able to effectively engage about your business if you only have a meager follower base.

While there are businesses on Twitter who understand the need for having more followers and engagements for the success of their Twitter marketing strategies, there are some who commit the mistake being too focused on one aspect over another, which sadly results in the failure of these strategies.

That is why it is important that your Twitter strategy strikes a balance in its approach in increasing the followers in your account, as well as in increasing the engagements you make to your followers and vice versa.

Having a balanced strategy for followers and engagements is a great advantage for your business. In particular, your business gets to enjoy a number of benefits:

Increased popularity and visibility - Having an increase in followers and engagement help generate greater awareness and interest for your business.

Attract and retain more customers - Increasing followers help bring in a bigger audience your business can reach via Twitter. At the same time, exceptional Twitter engagements help retain at least a great deal of these customers to stick with your business and help promote it as well and attract new potential customers in the process

Greater revenues - Efforts in increasing Twitter followers and engagements help contribute to the business' popularity and, ultimately, its revenues thanks from the increase in traffic and sales brought about by the increase in followers and engagements that would put your business in the map.

Improved reputation - Implementing a sound strategy to increase followers and engagements in Twitter helps improve your business' reputation via Social Proof as your engagements with users elicits positive feedback that will drive more customers to your page and, ultimately, your business.

In the end, it is a matter of having the right balance of being able to constantly gain as many followers as possible and being able to consistently engage with these followers. Only in doing so can we achieve success in our Twitter campaign that will ultimately benefit the business that we promote.

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