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Top 10 TV Shows With Strong Female Leads

Current and past TV shows that feature strong bad-ass women. So much of media features men. These 10 shows feature women that are funny, caring, smart, and driven.

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1. The Good Place

Premise: Eleanor Shellstrop has died and gone to the good place. But she doesn't belong.

Why I love this show: I love this show for many reasons. Firstly, it is both funny and thought provoking. Secondly, Kristen Bell is a wonderful actress. Thirdly, Eleanor is a relatable character who is far from perfect, but who shows a lot of personal growth through out the series.

Where you can watch: Season 1 is available on Netflix. And season 2 can be found on

2. Grace and Frankie / Via

Premise: Two unlikely friends brought together after their husbands leave them.

Why I love this show: I love this show because I love watching unlikely friendships develop. I also like it because Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda are an absolute delight to watch.

Where you can watch: All 4 seasons available on Netflix

3. New Girl / Via

Premise: Jessica Day moves into a loft with 3 guys and they become friends.

Why I love this show: Jess is perhaps not the typical bad-ass woman, but her intelligence and spunk make her lovable and inspirational. Her good nature and kind-heartedness make her fun to watch as she both stumbles and succeeds.

Where you can watch it: First 5 seasons can be found on Netflix. Season 6 can be found on Hulu of

4. Parks and Recreation / Via

Premise: Leslie Knope is a driven and passionate government employee determined to make a difference in the lives of her friends and the citizens of Pawnee.

Why I love this show: Leslie is smart and driven. She is also an amazing friend and girlfriend. It is fun to watch a driven women succeed in politics as well as seeing how people with different beliefs can be friends.

Where you can watch: All 7 seasons can be found on Netflix

5. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt / Via

Premise: After being kidnapped and trapped underground, Kimmy gets rescued and tries to make a life for herself in New York.

Why I love this show: Kimmy is quirky and loving and shows you that no matter how bad things get a positive and can-do attitude can get you through rough times. Kimmy is so fun to watch.

Where you can watch: All 3 seasons can be found on Netflix.

6. Once Upon a Time / Via

Premise: What if all the fairy tales were true? The evil queen has cast a curse and all the fairy tale characters have ended up in our world. The problem is none of them can remember who they are.

Why I love this show: I love this show because there are several bad-ass women. Emma, Regina, Snow, Belle, and the list goes on. They all grow as individuals and together showing you that there can be redemption. And true love is real.

Where you can watch: 6 seasons can be found on Netflix. Season 7 can be found on

7. One Day at a Time / Via

Premise: Centers around a Cuban American family with a single mom. Shows their struggles and triumphs.

Why I love this show: So many reasons. This show is funny and well written. It discusses real issues like feminism, and racism while still having an engaging story-line and likable characters. It also features not one but 3 strong Latina women in an era that is still dominated by white male characters.

Where you can watch: 2 seasons are available on Netflix

8. 30 Rock / Via

Premise: Follows the life of TV producer Liz Lemon and the cast of TGS with Tracey Jordan

Why I love this show: Tina Fey is hilarious as is the rest of the cast. Although Liz faces many challenges, she works hard and is able to produce a show through sheer determination even when Tracey and Jenna are being difficult. It's a fun show.

Where you can watch: Hulu

9. Jane the Virgin / Via

Premise: Jane is accidentally artificially inseminated.

Why I love this show: Despite being thrown a very large curve ball, Jane never gives up on her dream of becoming an author. She is smart and determined and doesn't let things get in the way of her dreams. It is also fun to watch her relationship with her mom and grandmother.

Where you can watch: First 3 seasons can be found on Netflix. Season 4 can be found on

10. Gilmore Girls / Via

Premise: Centers around Lorelai and Rory's relationship and shows Rory grow up from Sophomore year of high school to graduating college.

Why I love this show: I love this show because of Lorelai and not because of Rory. Lorelai is a strong an confident single mother who worked her way up from being a maid to owning her own hotel. It is also fun to see the relationship between mother and daughter.

Where you can watch: All 7 seasons can be found on Netflix.

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